We seek Justice for the families of Jordan Baker, Sandra Bland, Alva Braziel, and the countless others who lost their lives to Police Brutality.  Our campaign will end mass incarceration by increasing the likelihood of success and ensuring fair treatment of those incarcerated at the Harris County Jail, increasing voter registration and voter turnout in marginalized communities, and holding elected officials accountable.

Our campaign has three main issue areas:

  • Increased Voter Registration and Voter Turnout in marginalized communities.
  • Electing/Re-Electing officials with a "Pro-Justice" doctrine.
  • Advocating for "Pro-Justice" policies at the city, school district, county and state levels.


We know that the decline of inner-city neighborhood schools, increased patrolling of certain communities, and a lack of oversight of local police departments contribute to our current status-quo.  We also know that we have the power to push elected officials to govern in a way that is equitable.  

Through an ongoing education and mobilization campaign, we'll move our neighbors from the couch to the ballot box by winning on issues important to our communities.


For the 2017 election cycle, Houston Justice's Political Justice Project will: 

  • register voters in the county jail and their families,
  • move the Sheriff's Department, County Clerk's Office, and County Tax-Assessor Collector's office to create an ongoing mechanism for voting around election time, and
  • create and issue a voter's guide for each item on the ballot. 


Political Justice project team

Elisabeth Johnson, Director