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It’s been an interesting year for HISD. A lot has happened, so much so that it all seems like a blur.

As we wait on the dust to settle with all things HISD, let’s take a look back at some of HISD’s “Greatest Hits,” those times when HISD’s board spun out of control before our eyes.

Let’s start with this recent gem that had us all up in arms.

01. Trustee Adams says she started, then stopped, an investigation into alleged impropriety by her colleague Trustee Davila. Then alleges that “Hispanics” on the board wanted the former superintendent gone because he was firing too many of his own people.


02. Here, a charismatic Trustee Jolanda Jones claims other Trustees told her they didn’t want a Black superintendent at the same board meeting.


03. Remember the gavel bang that put HISD into the national media spotlight in April? Eventually two parents were drug out of the meeting by school district police as the contentious meeting went on.


05. Who can forget this reality tv-worthy interaction on the board?


06. Even Trustee Lira has his moments of disfunction.


07. Here, Trustee Deigard says the board is “Bad for kids.”


08. After Trustee Santos mentioned personal safety, Trustee Adams became upset, yelling at her colleague about the safety concerns that she had the previous year as board president. A.J. Crabill stood between her and Trustee Santos to diffuse the situation.


09. Abe Savaadra was present for the October HISD board retreat. After nearly three hours of listening to board members interact, he concluded that the issues with HISD were not at the administration level, but at the board level. He stated that until the board was able to collaborate professionally, the leadership of the superintendent would not matter.


10. When asked about the surprise culture on the HISD school board following the turmoil at the October meeting, Trustee Dávila stated that she just accepted it and moved on. Rather than try to put policies in place to prevent surprise, like her motion to appoint Abe Savaadra interim superintendent, Trustee Dávila accepted the status quo and perpetuated the problem.


11. A.J. Crabill, Deputy Commissioner of the TEA facilitated the October board retreat. Trustee Santos argued with Mr. Crabill and spoke out of turn. Following this clip, Mr. Crabill informed the board that they asked him to facilitate and incidents like this were making him nearly unable to continue. 


12. HERC presented findings from several studies at a workshop for the board in September. Following one of the presentations, Trustee Santos accused the study of being biased and controlled by organizations that fund the research, despite the study being conducted by a subdepartment of Rice University, subject to ethical standards. Representatives from HERC that were present refuted the claim, making sure to tell the board that funding organizations had no impact on the conclusions of their research. 


13. Trustee Lira actually argued with the board's attorney about whether or not a particular law existed. Guess he felt like a lawyer that day. Rather than accept advice from legal council who is present to advise the board on issues of law, Trustee Lira insisted he was right and continued to argue.