#ProjectOrange, #TheCookOut, And More Stuff to Come



ACTION ITEMS follow each of the subjects we covered. That's how WE do meetings.

This is the part many don't get to see. We didn't just TALK about good ideas, we put dates on the calendar, and listed points of contact for all the ish below.

This awesome, devoted group of people laid the groundwork for the next phase of #ProjectOrangeincluding targeting recruitment to people who probably watch Issa Rae's #Insecure or enjoy reruns of Livin' Single (if you get my drift ;-)) LOL . Yes, we need more Black people on this project! We registered 662 behind bars before the primary!

ACTION: Akua F will followup by 3/31 on her civic club potentially leading recruitment/planning for one of these VDVR trainings we can have more VDVRs that know how to do the electric slide LOL.

Then, we made plans to create an informative "how to vote if you've ever been locked up" video---teaming up with Spread The Vote Texas, who also gave a pretty lit explanation. They provide IDs/Birth Certs for the homeless, formerly incarcerated, etc. which come in handy when they're looking for work, housing, etc. Some homeless shelters even shut people out without IDs...and while it may seem simple to you or I, but coming up with $20 for an ID or copy of a birth certificate could be a HUGE barrier.

ACTION: Durrel and Kat will catch up prior to 3/31 with next steps for the creation of the video to be used on social media and inside the jail during GOTV. Further, we're looking into how to implement GOTV in addition to the existing (and growing) registration efforts.

After that, we set a date (JUNE 2nd) for#TheCookoutHouston!!! Listen, Kandice Webberand I, as well as Travis McGee had been chatting about a once-a-month BLACK CENTERED meeting where Frankie Beverly and Kendrick Lamar share the playlist, dominos, spades, and a basketball tournament are on the agenda, and food is overflowing...BUT HALFWAY THROUGH THE EVENT, and before the food is served, there's a brief update with what's going on at City Hall, HISD, state legislature etc...and we're not giving the microphone to any electeds to come and shuck and jive,... no.... there will be a layman's terms explanation with a breakdown of what's going on, and what we need everyone to do to change the issue at hand... then, we crank up the music again! I'm SOOOOO looking forward to this once per month event, and the first one is slated for MacGregor Park, and Kandice is at the helm!!! This shall be LIT AF!!!

ACTION: Kandice is researching the broad-stroked needs assessment for MacGregor Park. It's my hope that we pull Karl Mayes King Motivator into this as the Emcee, and help add a motivational angle to this somehow.

I've always wanted to increase the number of Black people on Non-Profit and Governmental Boards and Commissions, so we're working creating both a training to send the RIGHT people to apply for these opportunities to become thought leaders when they get there, but to also walk people through the process!!! I can't wait to see this as a reality. 

ACTION: Durrel (me) will recruit an ad-hoc group to research what a clearinghouse of trained, eligible Black folks that want to be on boards and commissions, and what the training might look like. Hoping my play-cousin Brandy Douglas will work with me on this LOL. 

HJC will soon be launching a job board specifically for Texas employers who employ people with records and Spread The Vote will help job seekers with records get the IDs they need to obtain employment.

ACTION: Terrance Edmond is point on this initiative.

Congratulations, y'all. The train has left the station!

Hit me or any of the awesome folks in the photo up if you want to get involved with where Houston Justice Coalition is headed!