Houston Justice 2.0


It's been a while since we've come together, but the time has come!  I'm back from Seattle, and I'm ready to get my hands dirty getting back to goal-oriented work with concrete, measurable goals.  

I've caught up with other organizers who are ready to get to work on BUILDING not TEARING DOWN---divisiveness will get us nowhere.

In the coming weeks, we're working to build our organizational structure and add to the ongoing momentum built by existing organizations already doing work here in Houston!  Our principles remain clear.  We'll continue the fight against police brutality. We'll continue the fight for racial justice.

We're marching toward JUSTICE with three main tenets:  

I invite you to click above and read a little about our goals under each of the focus areas to learn more.  Further, I'd love to get your advice and suggestions as we roll forward.

This way toward Justice!

In Solidarity,

Durrel K. Douglas, Founder