The School-to-Prison Pipeline is a reality in 2017.  When we talk about JUSTICE, we must understand the impact our public schools have on opportunity.  Whether it's the availability of trades/vocational training, or after school programs, the HISD Trustee that represents your community has a huge responsibility.  

HISD Trustee Wanda Adams' seat is open for the 2017 General Election, and voters will have the opportunity to decide whether she'll be re-elected, or if it's time for another Trustee.  


District IX includes the feeder patterns of Worthing, Madison, and Westbury High Schools.  In addition to a candidate debate (Saturday, Oct 14 from 4-6:30pm at Sunnyside Multi-Service Center), we'll screen and endorse candidates.  

In order to make this a reality, we need your help to organize events, screen candidates, and make the debate a success.  To get involved, click the button below:

From the event venue ($400) to printing, and organizing expenses, this event will cost.  For that reason there will be sponsorship opportunities to help make the event a reality.  

If you're interested in sponsoring this or other projects, email ddouglas@houstonjustice.org

We need to raise roughly $600.00


Durrel Douglas ($100)