VICTORY: Grand Jury Law Takes Effect Today!

After months of registering new grand jury applicants at church services and community events, testifying at State Senate hearings and lobbying legislators, Houston Justice Coalition members join the rest of Texans in celebrating VICTORY!


H.B. 2150, authored by Rep. Alvarado and sponsored by Sen. John Whitmire, will replace the often criticized grand jury commissioner or "pick-a-pal" method of hand picking grand jurors with the random selection method that is sure to increase diversity.

The new law will also update the process for challenging grand jurors for good cause, and gives the presiding judge the ability to remove grand jurors who neglect their duty and provides judges the flexibility to appoint up to 4 alternate grand jurors if needed. 

State Reps. Ron Reynolds, Sylvester Turner, Harold Dutton and many others played a huge role in making this a reality.