Strategy #BlackLivesMatter Houston


As we continue our march toward justice, we understand the necessity to have clear, concrete goals to address police brutality at the root.  In the case of Sandra Bland who lost her life at the hands of an over-zealous police officer who drug her out of her car, threatened to taze her, and eventually arrested her over not signalling before switching lanes, we have a petition demanding Texas Department of Public Safety fire Officer Encinia.     SIGN THE PETITION

Here are the concrete goals we've made moving forward so far:

  • Have both officers who responded with unnecessary force removed from duty.  We're currently collecting petitions in-person and online to eventually deliver to Steve McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety in September.


  • Create a third-party website/app where complaints against law enforcement could be tracked.  When a complaint is made against an officer today, the public has no knowledge of how many other citizens complained against the same officer.  We're already working with developers to create this platform.  We believe with the creation of an app/website similar to the Yelp of Law Enforcement Agencies, we'll be able to:
  1. Guide citizens in the right direction to make their complaint.
  2. Track data on the best/worst agencies, officers and precincts to show trends and highlight repeat offenders before more lives are lost or people in jail unnecessarily.
  3. Connect citizens needing to take civil/criminal action with organizations that can assist.
  • Continue our quest to include the community in the decision-making process behind body cameras for HPD/HCSO officers.  We've met with the HPD Police Chief and Harris County Sheriff one-on-one with our asks.  At our last HJC workshop, members reviewed the body camera policy and made recommendations to the Sheriff around: who should have access to body camera footage, how long the footage should be kept, etc.


  • Develop a team of leaders/organizers to build capacity and continue the movement. 

Again, we're making progress, but we need your help.  Join us Saturday, August 15th from 2-4 PM as we continue to strategize and organize our next steps.  All of US need to be part of the planning of OUR movement.