Tinnae Hamilton Joins the Movement!

On December 14th my friend invited me to a die in at McGregor park. I attended and was moved by the mini speeches I heard. Later, I checked Facebook to look at photos from the event and noticed the Houston Justice Coalition. Immediately I went to their website and noted their upcoming events. During Christmas break I visited my home state, New York. My family and I went to see Selma and I was moved beyond words. I knew I could no longer talk about the problem, I had to be a part of the solution. Fast forward to the January HJC meeting, other town hall meetings, then today.

Today a group of people made a CHOICE to be a part of the solution. We CHOSE to come together and plan next steps to move our vision forward. We CHOSE to commit to  those next steps. We CHOSE to make sure that we hold elected officials accountable. We CHOSE to respect one another's opinions and keep our mind's focused on the long, victorious road ahead. We CHOSE. It all starts with a choice. I have 28 brown babies in my 4th grade class, and today I CHOSE to make sure that my current challenges as a brown person won't continue to be a challenge for them. I CHOSE to be their voice because they are the least among us. #houjustice #ifyou'renotapartofthesolutionyou'reapartoftheproblem