1.24 #HouJustice Update

City Council Meeting, Elected Accountability Project

Members of Houston Justice have connected with the members of the Houston City Council and started meeting with some of them to introduce ourselves and discuss our four-point plan of action. Through these conversations, we have been able to build a relationship with the council members, as well as advocate for the rights of the most marginalized citizens in this city. Every meeting has helped us develop strategically and built awareness around our growing movement. This weeks meeting with Councilmember C. O. Bradford was even more substantial to our position as leaders of today on issues that cannot continue tomorrow.

Council member Bradford started our meeting with many pearls of wisdom. He applauded our efforts and encouraged us to continue our fight, but he advised us that our sustainability depends on the strength of our network. Those who came before us had to knock on many doors before every receiving an answer, but he suggested that we might not have to work so hard if we are working with the right people. There is a level of disconnect between our generation and those who were raised up during the Civil Rights Movement, but Councilman Bradford laid out that our success hinged on the wisdom and strength of those who have been where we are.

As we begin to discuss our agenda, Councilman Bradford gave us a history lesson on Community Policing and the origins of the entire concept taken root in Houston years ago. Although the concept of “Community Policing” seems to be a new trend and taking off in the media, the idea was put in place years ago and was only derailed by the events of 9/11. The power behind Community Policing, better described as neighborhood policing, is that officers live in or are connected with the community they serve. Police officers who live in the community they serve, will be invested and connected to the citizens leading to trust and transparency.

Our time with Councilman Bradford was well spent, eye opening, and further supported the need for our presence in Houston. He understands that the issues that we are fighting so hard to bring light and change to are not going to fizzle out and go away. We have finally decided that enough is enough and many people are supportive of this new wave of energy across America. The most important thing that we learned during our meeting is that they hear us, they see us, and many of our great leaders support us.

This evening, a group of members met to discuss the foundation for the Elected Accountability Project.  Among our goals, we discussed the need to reach out to our communities.  We'll apply a uniform algorithm to the Houston delegation of the Texas House and Texas Senate to see how effective they are at passing legislation.