Get On The Bus!

In 3 Weeks, 1,254 of us have collected 736 petition signatures online and door-to-door, turned in 187 notarized grand jury applications and held 3 events.  The bus is moving. 

#LessTalk #MoreAction

Since 350+ of us gathered at the historic Eldorado Ballroom a few weeks ago, we've made a lot of traction!  Together, we set a goal to balance the scales of justice with a more diverse grand jury system in Harris County with our #RaceTo1000 Campaign.  So far, we've turned in 187 notarized applications collected from our 12/4 meeting at the Eldorado Ballroom, the Grand Jury Seminar on 12/15 at St. John's Methodist Church Downtown and on 12/21 at three services at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church!  Special shout-out to William Ealy, Jenna Christian, Amber Burton, Ivy Foster, Kaleb Taylor, Leticia Cortes, Lashay Hopkins, Jordan Harris and Irnise Williams for sitting through all three services at Wheeler.

The bus is moving at City Hall and the Harris County Sheriff's Department

As both the Houston Police Department and Harris County Sheriff's Department move toward issuing body mounted cameras for on-duty law enforcement officers, we believe community members deserve a seat at the table when it comes to the decision making process.  We're working to build trust on both sides of the badge by increasing transparency and breaking barriers.

We're Making Waves!  Your hard work is being covered by local media.  Check out some of our earned media thus far:


Want to Join the Movement?

  1. Donate to our momentum online.  CLICK HERE 
  2. RSVP for our next meeting on 1/8 @ 6:30 PM CLICK HERE
  3. Write a quick blog about how you've been involved thus far, or what you're looking forward to with #HouJustice and send to with a headshot.
  4. Come phone bank with us on 1/6 from 6-8 PM at Houston Forward Times (5511 Almeda) as we invite our fellow freedom fighters to the 1/8 meeting and collect their opinions on the issues.