Elisabeth Johnson Joins the Movement!

I pride myself on being the only girl in my family, it meant I didn’t really have to share much and I had all the protection in the world because I am surrounded by guys. The minute I heard that Darren Wilson would NOT be indicted for basically slaughtering an unarmed young Black teenager with so much promise, I cried as though I personally knew Mike Brown...Oprah calls it the “ugly cry”. I cried because I could feel the hurt of that young man’s parents and understood that they’ll never hear his laugh or feel his excitement ever again. I started to think about my own brothers, nephews, cousins, etc and prayed while in my car for God to show me what exactly needed to be done in order for me to make sure that this never happens in my family and that I’ll never have to witness this cruelty…cue in the Houston Justice Coalition! 
When my friend, Durrel Douglas, presented the idea of joining the Houston Justice Coalition, I immediately knew that I had to be apart of it because I am a strong believer in, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. states “Injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE” and I can’t sit still or keep quiet over the genocide of people of color any longer. I heard that we would be holding a town hall meeting regarding everything that was happening with the cases of Eric Garner and Mike Brown; I was extremely excited because this wasn’t being done by elected officials or any special political organizations. We were a group of fed up and tired 20 something’s that decided that enough was enough. We proved that we didn’t need to get political donors, elected officials, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, etc. There was a problem, there were unanswered questions so the Houston Justice Coalition took it upon themselves to actually become the change that we wanted to see. 
The El Dorado ballroom only holds 200 people and 324 people showed up, that to me was a major success. The fact that we were able to gather 76 people to apply for the grand jury is extremely awesome. We were able to hear the voices of the community and hear their pain; this is only the beginning of something great that will change the lives of people everywhere. 
While in Dallas I was quite an active member of Friendship-West Baptist Church where the pastor is Rev. Dr. Frederick Douglas Haynes, III, who pushes for change within the DFW area, Texas and the world on a daily basis. I will never forget the Sunday after George Zimmerman was found not guilty, I was in the choir stand and Pastor Haynes stated that from now on he wanted to hear from the younger generation. He wanted us to start speaking out against injustices because more and more of our generation is dying and we should not sit still and take it. After hearing him say that, I decided at that very moment that I had to step up and do whatever is humanly possible to make sure that this doesn’t happen within the city that I love and that I would make it a point to educate my neighbors, coworkers, friends family, etc. I am so excited to be apart of this movement and can’t wait to see the change that will occur behind it. This is ONLY the beginning! 
Elisabeth E. Johnson