Momentum Building Toward Body Cameras for Houston Police

Houston Justice Coalition activists claimed our first victory yesterday at Houston City Hall by solidifying a commitment from City Council members and the Mayor's Office to give community members a seat at the decision-making table on police body camera policy!  CLICK HERE FOR ABC 13 NEWS CLIP, but there's still work to do!

Although Mayor Parker, Houston Police Department Chief McClelland and many on council support the idea of body cameras, we have questions:

  • How long will data be stored, and where?
  • What role will the Citizen's Review Board play w/complaints made by citizens?
  • Which features do we want the cameras to have?
  • Which incidents should require the use of body cameras by officers.

These are among the many questions that've come up during face-to-face conversations with Houstonians as we continue to collect petitions encouraging a body camera ordinance.  Both Council members Boykins and Green have already met with Houston Justice and committed to building a task force with community members to help guide the policy.

When it comes to features the cameras must have, we've heard the following:

  1. Cameras must not be able to erase content captured during recorded incidents.
  2. Cameras should automatically download without opportunity for human error or contamination (editing).  CLICK HERE FOR FOX 26 News Clip

There's still work to do, and here are ways you can help: