In solidarity with the family of Sandra Bland who lost her life after our latest KNOWN incident of police brutality, we demand both involved officers be fired.  The recent trend of being assigned "desk duty" after police brutality incidents basically provides a reward for their brutality toward the citizens they took an oath to serve and protect.

Both officers can be seen on video abusing their authority and should therefore immediately be removed from duty.  These isolated events of police brutality that make the national news are the result of the racial profiling by law enforcement that's ignored by the leaders of the justice system every single day in small towns like Prairie View and big cities like Houston and New York.  


How many more lives must we lose before America truly addresses the unchecked terrorism on black and brown communities everyday.  How many more mothers will have to cry themselves to sleep after losing their daughters and sons.  No more press statements and soundbites, we want ACTION!  Fire both Texas DPS Officer Brian Encinia and the unidentified female officer who stood idly by while watching his actions.

A coalition of organizations are teaming up to organize on the ground in Waller County and our respective communities since this is a widespread epidemic.

#SandySpeaks #SandyStillSpeaks #JordanBaker #TrayvonMartin #MikeBrown #TamirRice #PatrickMurphy