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Momentum is building here in Houston and we're glad you're ready to be part of the team!  After submitting your info below, you'll be added to our email list and phone bank.  Everyone knows about our monthly #HouJustice meetings, but as a member of the movement, you'll learn about our informal planning/strategy sessions we refer to as "Huddles."  Although things change from time to time, below you'll get a sense of what to expect.  


#HouJustice Monthly Meeting

We meet on the first Thursday of every month (except holidays) at a different location across Houston.  Updates are given on each of our campaigns and dates for future huddles are shared.  At the sign-in table, there's always a voter registrar, notary and grand jury applications for Harris County.  CLICK HERE to find out about our next monthly meeting.


Behind the scenes of every big move on a football field, there's usually a huddle.  Everyone on the team comes together and lays out the foundation for the plays that will lead to victory.  Here at #HouJustice, the amazing progress we make is because of your involvement in the huddle.  A huddle might be a group of us meeting, then knocking on doors to invite folks to our next #HouJustice meeting, or, meeting with a City Council member about a policy we're pushing at City Hall.  These informal meetings usually come up with very short notice, so it's important you sign up for our text/email/phone database below!

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